A Law Firm Website Must Be Mobile-Friendly And Responsive Nowadays

Since the emergence of smartphones in this growing communication era, most people often access the internet via mobile devices. The reason is simple, they can surf the internet anytime and anywhere. From year to year, the number of mobile phone users is increasing. It is not surprising that the latest facts state that 70% of internet traffic comes from smartphones and other mobile devices. This percentage seems to be a strong factor for you to start thinking about how to make the web responsive in other tools besides the desktop. Apart from being a medium for providing information, mobile devices are also an intermediary for 51% of consumers who find out more about new brands and products they have or will be launching. This percentage figure shows that mobile-friendly law firm website optimization has an important role in the development and expansion of your business. You can also check out AmazeLaw to know more about law firm website optimization.

Plus, 89% of people would recommend a brand if they are satisfied with the smartphone browsing experience the brand’s website provides.

Another equally important factor is Google’s website ranking system which has been updated to provide better search results for smartphone users.

In other words, if the law firm website is not well optimized, its existence will be removed from Google search results for mobile devices or the website will rank at the bottom of the search engine (SERP).

To present a mobile-friendly law firm website, you must know how to make the web responsive first.

A responsive website is a website that can respond optimally when a user accesses a web page via a mobile device. In other words, regardless of the type of device used to access the law firm website, its appearance and function will remain normal and work properly.

Regardless of the device used to access the web page, responsive law firm website design still uses the same URL and HTML. These settings allow Google to explore, index, and manage site content more easily and efficiently. As a result, the quality of SEO on your website will be better.

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