Gaming Mouse For Gamers Needs

Not only from the quality of the best gaming mouse products, but it also creates certain types of games, especially shooting games like PUBG. Sometimes the best quality mouse tends to have a price that is not cheap, on the one hand, the mouse is intended for professional esports athletes.

Know the features needed
Know the features contained in this mouse and make sure they all support your performance in esports gaming activities. For those who just like playing games, maybe they don’t really need a mouse with the latest technology to play games. Make sure you choose a mouse that already has laser sensor technology, and matches your computer settings and the features needed when playing your favorite games. Consider the dimensions and weight of the mouse when determining a gaming mouse as each human hand is of a different size which results in different grip types. Especially for those of you who are left-handed, you can also find a mouse grip that fits and is adjusted to the use of the hand.

Know the Difference between a Gaming Mouse and a Non-Gaming Mouse
Have a gaming mouse or a regular mouse? actually, it’s okay for you to use an ordinary mouse for heavy gaming purposes like playing PUBG FPS for example. However, to have the best performance in playing games, it requires the right price for a gaming mouse and also has three buttons, namely right click, left click, and scroll in the middle of the mouse. A gaming mouse that is intended for games that also have a lot of buttons and you can set it yourself in computer settings. Another difference is that gaming mouse has a higher Dots Per Inch (DPI) rate because the higher the DPI, the better the mouse’s reaction and performance. The standard mouse usually only has 1,600 DPI while the gaming mouse range from 800 – 12,000 DPI.

Determining Favorite Games
How often do you play FPS-type games like PUBG and Fortnite on your PC / laptop? sometimes this becomes the determination of what gaming mouse is suitable for use. Every game has a different set of settings and this can be an important consideration when buying a gaming mouse.

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