How To Protect Your Home And Family From Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are known as the most deadly pests in the world with their small body size. Mosquitoes can spread diseases such as dengue fever and Zika virus with just one bite from an infected mosquito, humans have long been in contact with and at war with these animals. If you are bothered by the presence of mosquitoes, you can contact Cayce Exterminating Company, Inc. to eradicate them and not disturb your family anymore.

Why are mosquitoes so annoying?
Mosquitoes become active around the head when it is in that area that the carbon dioxide is released. Another opinion, according to researchers from Cornell University in New York who studied the Aedes aegypti mosquito, is that the mosquito buzz that is produced is a combination of sounds produced by a pair of mosquitoes when they are looking for a mate.

Do you know? Mosquitoes cannot see very well and they rely on their sense of smell to find their prey.

Here are 5 reasons why mosquitoes bite
1. Female mosquitoes need blood to help develop eggs
2. Their peak time for foraging is near dawn or dusk
3. The heat and carbon dioxide that you emit is greater
4. You have just finished exercising
5. You are wearing dark clothes that provide better contrast for the mosquitoes to land on

Protection tips for home and family
• Install mosquito nets
• Use insect repellent
• Wear long sleeves
• Clean and dry stagnant water; clean the breeding grounds
• Keep the room cool

Most mosquito breeding sites in Indonesia are found in housing. Homeowners must increase awareness by eliminating the source of reproduction to effectively break the deadly loop cycle.

While DIY treatments serve to prevent and protect your family and loved ones from mosquitoes, professional help can increase protection to control mosquito populations both inside and outside the home.